Leadership Expecations

As a community we strive for leaders to be above reproach and of high integrity. There are certain expectations that every leaer is responsible for.

  • Grounded in your personal relationship with Jesus
    • Regular time alone with God, studying His word, and praying
    • Regular church attendance
    • Weekly meeting with a community of believers (i.e. Bible study)
  • Integrity of character and respected by those around you. Your actions should be consistent with what you profess to believe.
    • Does not drink underage, does not get drunk if of age, does not use fake ID
    • Does not consume illegal drugs
    • Does not date a non-Christian
    • Does not spend the night at boyfriend/girlfriend's. You are striving for sexual purity.
    • Guards his/her tongue. Not malicious, deceitful for a gossip.
  • Maintains at least a 2.0 GPA