Greek IV at SDSU is dedicated to creating space for every Greek chapter and council on campus to ask questions about faith and God. We are a community of fraternity and sorority students who together, strive to explore and live out what it means to be fully Greek and fully Christian. Our hope is to be a space which represents all councils and ethnic backgrounds and our vision is to see a bible study in every chapter on campus, led by students like you! We welcome all students to join us in learning more about faith and our Greek IV community. No faith background is required so come meet us and explore your faith and your potential leadership role in your Greek Chapter. Not Greek just yet? Let us know! We would love to talk with you about your decision to go Greek and how you can make an impact in your future chapter! 

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Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on our events! We meet weekly in various chapters on campus and monthly all together as a Greek IV community. Join us for a discussion on what it means to explore faith while being a Greek student at SDSU. 

Questions about the ministry? Interested in becoming a leader?

Contact us: IG: @greekivsdsu